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Best purchase ever!!!!

You can't go wrong with this neck fan. It's gentle enough to dry your makeup and powerful enough to cool you off on a hot summer day. Extra: excellent customer service was included.

keeps me cool outside

I use this when I am gardening and it really helps. The fan has three speeds and that is a good
feature. It is not heavy and sits nicely on my neck.

Love this

I purchased this fan to use at my child's baseball games. It is lightweight, compact to fit in my purse, and the battery lasts the entire game. This fan helped with the summer heat and was easy to use. It is simple to charge, simple to use, and easy to travel with. I definitely recommend it.

Great product!

Try it once and you will agree! I always use it during my working time!

Long lasting for a full days use

I really like that there is also air coming from the back of the neck, others I looked into only has it starting from the ear area towards the front. Being a woman with long hair, this was a key winner for me. It also lasted for the straight 8 hours I used it at Comic Con daily for 5 days and was only turned off when eating or other 5 min breaks. It folded nicely into my bag.

Perfect for walks or cycling

I first became acquainted with this product while speaking with another cyclist who was wearing one and highly recommended it. My husband thought I was daft but realizes it really works well, now he wants one! On those dog days of summer when you want to be active but there is not a breath of wind this helps make it more bearable.

What a brilliant product

Perfect for walking my dog in the humid Midwest! Can’t believe someone found this perfect product to save my summer life! Definitely worth every penny!

Nice & powerful fan

This fan not only works, but it is not embarrassing to wear. It is lightweight and looks very much like you are wearing a pair of headphones around your neck (totally common). It charges quickly and the noise level is entirely acceptable. It does not interfere with normal conversation. Highly recommended.

We love this fan!

We really like these fans! Got one for the entire family, we wore them at the Drag races sitting out in the sun! Used the high speed the entire time and battery didn't die.

Let the water bottle take over

As someone who once thought who would listen to a water bottle to tell them what to do? I can now say I am a happy casual drinker of water now thanks to this water bottle.

Perfect for the Gym

I bring the HydraReminder Water Bottle with me to the gym every day, and it's been a game-changer. I used to struggle to remember to drink water during my workouts, but the motivational markings on the bottle have made it so much easier. Plus, the bottle is sturdy and easy to carry around. I would definitely recommend this water bottle to anyone who's serious about their fitness routine.

cute colors, functional design, works great!

the strap is very sturdy and allows you to carry your bottle around easily even when at full capacity! very durable and functional and works as advertised. i love the multiple safety features and ease of use.

Love it

I take this water bottle with me to the gym every day and love it. Dont mind about my dog

Quality Water Bottle

I already had one of these, but I liked it so much that I bought a second for the times the other one is being washed. I love that they’re dishwasher safe, and the time markers really do help me to drink more water because I am able to keep track of how much I’ve already had. Its worth the money in my opinion.

Love the Design

The HydraReminder Water Bottle has a sleek and simple design that I really appreciate. It's not too flashy, but it gets the job done. The markings on the bottle are easy to read and have helped me stay on track with my water intake goals. Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase.

Love love love!

I was gifted one of these a while back and lost it. I love the tracker on the side although I don’t use it. For some reason water bottles like this with the straw help me drink more water. I end up driving about 4 or more a day without realizing it. I fill it with ice and water and it stays cold for a while. Highly recommend, especially if you don’t drink water like that


I used to struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, but ever since I got the HydraReminder Water Bottle, staying hydrated has been a breeze. The motivational markings on the bottle are a great reminder to keep sipping throughout the day, and the bottle itself is durable and leak-proof. I love this water bottle and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their hydration habits.

Better than expected!

The whole process to put it together and on the wall was surprisingly easy. There are adhesive stickers on the back of the mounts if you don't want holes in your wall, but they also provide nails if you want it a little sturdier. The mounts are a really ingenious design and they hold the string lights great. I'm using it to hold tiny watercolor paintings that I have in hard plastic card sleeves so I was worried the clips wouldn't be sturdy enough to hold them up but it's all working perfectly. Exactly what I needed and better than expected for the price!

Incredible lights

Used these beautiful clip lights as part of my proposal and they were beautiful!

Awesome to use for anything!

Love them! They do exactly what I hoped they’d do!

great idea

I bought these lights for my teenage granddaughter and she loves them for decorating her room. The lights are in good working condition and are as described. Fast shipping.

Lovely Stone

Lovely stone, I feel cold when apply it on the face.

Very good product and service

It does every thing described and is very good value for money. Good discount with the bundle and discount code from this site. Customer service responds very quick.

Good service

All came whole, fast delivery, heavy as needed, definitely recommend, and I will still order

a must have

This monocular is just what we needed. Instead of lugging around our bulky binoculars in the car all the time, I put this monocular in our glove box. I can't tell you how many times we saw something amazing, whether it was a bird or something else remarkable. We are delighted to have this monocular.