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23 in 1 Survival Ultimate Multi-purpose Camping Tool

23 in 1 Survival Ultimate Multi-purpose Camping Tool

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This tactical shovel is a lifesaving survival tool perfect for any adventure. Be prepared for anything!

This Survival Ultimate Multi-purpose Camping Tool keeps you stay away from a-lot of issues you face in your own garden, or even in the wild life. Protective layer on magnesium rod handle that can start a fire when scraped with a blade, Emergency whistle to signal for help, Rope cutter to free trapped seatbelts, Bladed shovel and knife attachment head to fight off danger and so on.

It is 23-IN-1 tool (an ax, hex driver, serrated knife, wire cutter, hoe, harpoon, saw, bottle opener, safety hammer, Phillips head bit, flathead bit, and fire starter) BUT compact and foldable. It weighs just 2.43 lbs and measures only 9 * 6.5 * 1.8 inches when stowed, but extends up to 26.4” in length when fully assembled, giving you the leverage you need to get tough jobs done.

It is made to last for heavy duties. It is forged from Manganese steel and 404 stainless steel for a tough-as-nails build that can handle tough digging and trenching, all without falling apart.