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HDX Monocular 80x100

HDX Monocular 80x100

Instead of buying an expensive $2000 telescope, you can use this handheld monocular. This fits in your pocket and has military-grade zoom. Super easy to attach this monocular to any phones for great mobile zoom photography.

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  • Universal Smartphone Adapter

    Your mobile phone can be easily connected to Tactical Monocular using the smartphone adapter and tripod. Take photos or videos and share those wonderful moments with your loved ones.

  • Perfect for outdoor

    IPX7 and Nitrogen-filled technology provides waterproof, fogproof, dustproof, scratchproof and shockproof protection in any weather and any conditions. The quality is premium and built to last, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers

  • Lightweight & Handheld

    Holding Tactical Monocular with one hand allows you to view the world in all its glory in a fast and easy manner. Small and lightweight, it can be taken with you anywhere and anytime to enjoy the nature.

  • Upgraded BAK4 Prism & Fully multi-coated

    12x magnification and 100mm diameter objective lens with the upgrated BAK4 Prism gain much more light transmission, helping to get a brighter and clearer view with true colors. It provides you with a colorful and vivid view.

Compact, but Mighty

It's hard to get closer to the nature when you have to carry around a large, heavy camera or telescope lens. You're always missing out the best shots because it's too difficult to lug around your heavy equipments all the time.

This Tactical Monocular is a must-have. It fits in your pocket, is lightweight, affordable, and delivers excellent quality. It is the first reasonably-priced monocular with high-end features to serve the gorgeous clear images.

Using Tactical Monocular, you can create a virtual outdoor experience that allows you to experience the nature in the most optimal way possible.

To get the most out of nature, you need Tactical Monocular.

  • Great little monocular!

    "This tiny gadget is the right size for one-handed operation. The optics are nice and relatively powerful for a tiny device. It's perfect for putting in a small daybag, and it travels well. We used this telescope on a whale-watching expedition, and it performed well. The small bracket that allows cell phones to be used as a telescope for close-up photos is effective. The only drawback is that the photos taken through the scope appear circular. It's clear, but circular." David A. (Verified Buyer)

  • Close up photos

    "It is wonderful to be able to see closeups and take photos of the birds in our backyard. I set it up on a mini tripod in my kitchen window and it works perfectly. I look forward to taking it on hiking and birdwatching trips. I would strongly recommend it." Jack L. (Verified Buyer)

  • Better than I expected.

    "It's excellent for observing animals and distant objects while travelling. I like using this monocular more than binoculars. It's simple to transport and operates well. I've utilised it with my cell phone and it works well for taking pictures, however any optic enhancement makes pictures a bit grainy and necessitates editing to eliminate the round shadow caused by the monocular." Nancy J. (Verified Buyer)

  • A must have

    "This monocular is just what we needed. Instead of lugging around our bulky binoculars in the car all the time, I put this monocular in our glove box. I can't tell you how many times we saw something amazing, whether it was a bird or something else remarkable. We are delighted to have this monocular." Deanna C. (Verified Buyer)

  • Fabulous purchase

    "I've been using this monocular for more than two months and I'm extremely content with its quality and ease of use! Using this monocular, I can see a destination that is over ten miles away. It's also how I photograph birds in place of my trusty binoculars. Before buying this item, I researched monoculars and this one was highly rated. I now know why." Nathan P. (Verified Buyer)

  • Fantastic, We love it!

    "In the past, I exclusively bought inexpensive binoculars for occasional use - approximately $80-100 from the usual suspects, but quality was not the greatest. The idea of a monocular intrigued me since it was small and more cost-effective than a complete size pair of binoculars. I purchased this mainly for camping and casual stargazing with my children since it appealed to me for its compact size and economical price. It was everything I wanted. The build quality is fantastic. The focus knob has just the right quantity of stiffness. It is simple to grasp and operate. The optics are impeccable from edge to edge." Albert F. (Verified Buyer)

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Have Questions? We are here for all concerns

What is Nitrogen-filled lens?

In order to safeguard against internal fogging, some monoculars are filled with nitrogen, which keeps hydrogen and oxygen at bay. While the device's structure remains intact, the nitrogen prevents fogging.

Some cheap monoculars are not fog-proof. It's a question of balancing performance versus cost. Internal fogging can be aggravating and might lead to damage.

What is a BAK4 prism?

Smart phase correction BAK4 prism helps you with minimizing glare and ghost images, reduces chromatic aberration and offers a sharper, clearer and more accurate color reproduction.

All monoculars contain a prism. There are two types in common use: BAK7 and BAK4. There's nothing wrong with the former, but most experts consider BAK4 to be superior.

Will it work with a smartphone?

It is compatible with most of Smartphone on the market

Iphone 13Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13, 12Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, 12mini, 11Pro Max, 11 Pro,11, SE, Xs,Xr, X, 8 plus, 8, 7plus,7, 6plus, 6,5s,5, 4s

Samsung M30,S21,S21+, S20, S20+,S20FE, S10, S10+, S10E, S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, Note20, Note20 Ultra, Note,A31,A51,A71,A7

LG, HTV, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google, Huawei, Oppo and much more.

What are included in the package?


1x Tactical Monocular

1x Lens Cover

1x Smartphone Adapter

1x Tripod

1x Carrying Case

1x Cleaning Pad

1x Wrist Strap

Care Instruction

It is crucial to always put on the lens caps when your monocular is not in use. If you don't, dirt and dust may eventually damage the lenses, and they cannot be replaced.

It is advisable to hold your monocular with a strap, if possible, in order to avoid accidentally dropping it. The strap is included in your tactical monocular package.

Never scratch dirt off the lens or clean it using your fingernail. It's tempting to scratch dirt off your monocular's lens while outside, but don't do it. This could permanently damage your monocular. 

Your package includes a cleaning pad to clean the lenses. Or you can also use cotton pads or a soft cloth to clean it. Do not use paper towels, as they might scratch the lens coating.