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Bladeless Neck Fan

Bladeless Neck Fan

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You'll never suffer from the heat exhaustion again, even when you're away from your home AC. This Bladeless Neck Fan gives you a powerful, wireless, and hands-free relief to cool and refresh your body in seconds wherever you go.

- Lightweight, Portable and Quiet

- Powerful engine with a Large Rechargable Battery (5000mAh)

- Skin-friendly Material and Comfortable

- Bladeless, Hands-free, Stylish and Foldable design

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    • Powerful

      60 turbo fan blades and the novel extrusion air duct technology maximize the efficiency of the cooling process just in seconds. Equipped up to 80 wind outlets, this fan gives you 360° airflow, not blowing air directly to your face

    • Energy efficient

      This large rechargable battery capacity makes it one of the most energy-efficient portable neck fans available on the market. Compared to an AC, it focuses on cooling you, not the whole room, you save your montlhy bills.

    • Lightweight & Quiet

      The lightweight design and quiet engine make it so comfortable to wear for hours. With the bladeless and wireless design, the experience is just like wearing headphones around your neck so you can keep your hands free.

    • Adjustable & Comfortable

      With 3 fan speeds and adjustable air vents, you can tailor your cooling experience. With skin-friendly material, you wont feel stickiness even when you are sweating or wear it for the whole day.

    Save a Fortune

    This is an innovative solution for everyone to save on their energy bills. Why do we need a big AC if everyone has a portable fan? It is unnecessary to cool down the whole room. The room with AC is not able to move with you while the portable fan is. 

    During the summertime, the hottest time of year, Bladeless Neck Fan is a thoughtful, caring present for yourself or your loved ones. It fits everyone and every outfit. 

    With its unique bladeless design, premium quality, flexible hinges, and beautiful appearance, Bladeless Neck Fan will forever alter how you keep cool during summer. 

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    • Super! It works well

      "Love the minimalist design with white color. Very fashionable. The bladeless design avoids the risk to suck the hair in. It is really good for ladies who want to keep elegance all the time :). Three levels of air strength and more than 10 hours meet all your needs. Great product for walking and hiking, maybe watching games (although not me lol). Great for BBQ chefs XD." Katherine H. (Verified Buyer)

    • Life Changing!!!

      "At work, I'm constantly on the go, running around to stock shelves and serve customers. This fan has been a lifesaver. Hot flashes drive me crazy! I keep it on the lowest speed all day, then when I start to feel a flash coming on, I switch it to speed two or three. I've probably sold twenty of these to other women, who want to know where I got it. All day battery life lasts from nine hours. This fan has helped me stay nice. I love it!." Lori M. (Verified Buyer)

    • Wonderful gift

      "My husband is always complaining that he’s warm or it’s too hot, so I bought this gift for him. He was overjoyed when I put it on him and turned it on. It was like giving an ice cream to a kid for the first time. He was jumping up and down and screaming 'YAY!' He's a big, muscular man, so imagine that. He loved it so much! I doubt I'll ever top this gift. He still talks about it, and he's not the most verbose person. It is excellent. Thank you for selling it, as it was one of the best memories of my man." Michelle L. (Verified Buyer)

    • Perfect!!

      "Perfect, I use it on the first speed and it is sufficient. Sometimes on the second speed. It works great and is quiet. Makes a huge difference in air flow and regulating body temp." Rosita B. (Verified Buyer)

    • It's purr-fect!

      "I live in Florida and I help take care of a colony of feral cats that lives out in the woods. I spend a couple of hours a day when I'm out there. I'm heat intolerant, and this fan really makes a big difference! It's very lightweight, I barely even feel like I have it on. And the only noise it really makes is from the airflow. I spend about 2 hours a day using it, two days a week, and it gives me about 3 weeks before I have to recharge it. So all in all, a great purchase for the price!" A.P. (Verified Buyer)

    • Better than I expected.

      "I love this fan! I live in Arkansas and gets very hot and humid here. I take medication that makes my face very hot. My feet will be freezing, but my face will be on fire! So this fan is amazing! I also like that it has vents to cool my neck and that it's adjustable. I would definitely buy this again and I have already recommended it to several people" Nancy J. (Verified Buyer)

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    Have Questions? We are here for all concerns

    How can I adjust the fan speed?

    The button is improved. You can turn on, switch the speed and turn off by tapping this button. 

    Speed 1: Breeze, refreshing experience

    Speed 2: Strong wind speed, instant cooling

    Speed 3: Double the coolness

    How long does it take to recharge once? How to recharge it?

    The battery is large with 5000mAh. It can take up to 18 using hours for each charging time. However, the using time is also depends on the speed you choose while using the fan.

    Improved Type-C charging port and lithium battery make it more convenient and faster to charge. You can charge with the usb charger, phone charger, laptop, power bank,... 


    Where can I use it?

    It is the portable fan. It is also foldable. Therefore, you can bring it easily with you wherever you go, inside or outside. People use it while walking, cooking, working, or even sporting. It is lightweight and quiet. Hanging it on your neck, you will feel like wearing a headphone.

    Can I use this fan for long hair?

    Yes, you can!

    Not like other neck fans, it has the bladeless deign. So that you do need to worry about the long hair, It also does not make your hair curl.