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Electric Ceramic Heater

Electric Ceramic Heater

STOP WASTING MONEY ON CENTRAL HEATING. This electric heater is the cost-effective modern heating technology for your home. Energy crisis rocks America! This is the smart way to heat your home and slash your energy bills

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  • Energy-efficient PTC ceramic heating technology

    Consumes less power than tradditional space heaters while still keeping you comfortably warm. Central heating is slow, expensive, and wasteful! You can save as much to 30% on heating bills just by switching to this electric heater!.

  • Heats Up in Seconds

    The Electric Ceramic Heater starts pumping out hot air seconds after you turn it on. Heating up your home with central heating can take hours, it forces everyone to share the same heat settings, and it can drive your utility bills through the roof!

  • Morden and Quiet Design

    Perfectly-sized to take from the living room to the bedroom easily for uninterruppted warmth. The design is sleek and elegant making it a perfect addition to your house! With only 25 dB design, it works very quietly. Enjoy a peaceful and warm night's sleep.

  • Safety Features for Your Peace of Mind

    Traditional portable heaters can become hazards, especially in a home filled with kids or pets. The heater will automatically shuts the heater off if it gets tipped over.

Heat Up Any Room With The Push Of A Button & Save Money On Electricity

Analysts predict energy costs are going to hit unprecedented levels. With inflation rates at their highest since the beginning of 2009, it’s more important than ever to reduce our energy usage.

And when those temperatures start to drop, your heating bills start to rise! Meteorologists also predict an extremely cold winter - it might even be one of the coldest winters in decades.

But this Heater is so energy-efficient, you won’t ever worry about rising heating costs!

You’ll be too cozy, enjoying the rapid, personalized heating that chases chills away for the warmest comfort even during the coldest winter nights.

This 2022 version uses the latest in space heating technology, delivering MORE POWERFUL heating in just seconds! It’s the perfect way to keep warm while saving big.

This is the must-have winter accessory that warms you quickly and puts money back in your pocket!

  • Game Changer!!!

    "This little thing saved me. Our heat went right in the middle of our coldest days. So we had a few different mini heaters around the house. This definitely hears a normal sized room up pretty quickly. I even had it in the hallway, covering 3 rooms and it kept us warm." Nancy K. (Verified Buyer)

  • Heat up very fast

    "It's very durable and beautiful. It also has overheat protection. It's not loud and quiet. It's beautiful on the table. Very affordable too." Alex L. (Verified Buyer)

  • Best way to stay warm for cheap

    "My husband works at an electrical store and told me they can't keep up with the orders for heaters.
    I'm happy I found this solution. It's so much cheaper to stay warm now."
    Jess C. (Verified Buyer)

  • Fabulous purchase

    "Needed it for my garage as there was no more smoking allowed in the house. Heats up very fast and it's easy to use and efficient. The way I like it. Caught it on sale too!" Thomas L. (Verified Buyer)

  • Fantastic, We love it!

    "I just got this at the beginning of the month and I use it everyday. This heater produces a lot of heat for being so small and it seems to be well made, it doesn't look cheap or have a gross plastic smell. It's pretty quiet but it's not silent, just a soft wind blowing sound." Charlie F. (Verified Buyer)

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Have Questions? Check out the FAQs

Does the heater require any installation?

No, it is ready to use in seconds.. You will have it heating up any room in less than 60 seconds.

Where should I set up the heater?

One any flat surface, away from objects that can easily catch fire. It can heat up any room in your house. This can be your kitchen, bedroom, office, living room, bathroom and even your basement or garage. It's not safe to use close to water.

Is it safe to use when sleeping?

Absolutely. The heater has an Auto-Shutoff Safeguard. You are not in danger of having it overheat and harm your child or start a fire.

Does the heater make a lot of noise when you use it?

Not at all! The Heater makes about the same noise as a fan.

Does the heater require any maintainance cost?

No, it is extremely energy-efficient